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Furniture to Help You Kick Back: The History of Lounge Chairs

The growth of lounge chairs was one that began with a better way to support the way that individuals were able to enjoy the comfort of relaxation. Through the various history that began to incorporate into modern lounge chairs is a rich evolution of how the chairs were built and what they led to. Through the progression and evolution of these chairs is a new way for individuals to sit and enjoy their times of comfort.

Lounge chairs did not become a popular way of sitting until the 1940s, with the Earnes lounge chair being a popular commodity. In 1946, the Herman Miller company launched the first set of lounge chairs. These consisted of the back and seat being made of plastics as well as older materials that came from the debris left from the wars of the past. Specifically, the lounge chairs made use of shock helmet materials for it's durability. This was combined with wires on the bottom in order to make them light weight while keeping their strength.

These types of lounge chairs were the popular way to sit for the next ten years. This grew into the swivel chair, while using the same material. By 1956, the new set of lounge chairs began to move into place. This consisted of a wooden back as well as an ottoman for resting legs. The first launch of these lounge chairs also consisted of leather seating and padding that was stuffed with down and feathers. This made for even more comfortable and relaxing ways to enjoy the lounge chair.

It was this particular style, which was developed by Charles and Ray Eames and which was sold by the Herman Miller Company, that led into more popular styles of lounge chairs. From the shape of the back, being in two sections, as well as the leather and padding that was used for both the seat and for the ottoman, was a new set of lounge chairs that began to evolve into what is known as popular lounge chairs today.

Most of the lounge chairs that were developed after this time included arm rests, backs and seat areas that were always stuffed in order to add in a softness, and swivels and wheels that were used in conjunction with wires that stayed in the same area. The lounge chairs were able to move into a wide variety of styles to be enjoyed by those who were ready to make the chairs more comfortable.

The history of lounge chairs is one that has led into a modern way of furnishings and comfort. Through the innovations and building of these chairs, is a history of materials used, as well as an evolution into what was able to provide the best comfort. The result is a wide variety of lounge chairs that are available for the best of comfort. When you are sitting in your lounge chair in order to enjoy some time to put your feet up, you can remember the history of how they became a popular chair for comfort.

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