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Lounge chairs - Folding or chaise there are plenty of choices

Whatever your style and décor and wherever you wish to put your lounge chairs there is something out there suitable. Lounge chairs are to be found made out of wood, plastic, metal or wicker and come in a huge range of colors and fabrics for the cushions. How much you can afford to pay when looking to buy lounge chairs will depend on the style and materials available as options for your lounge chairs.

If looking to put lounge chairs around the pool then you are better off with plastic or wooden furniture that has been treated. This will ensure that splashes will not ruin the furniture if it is made of wood, it will also provide you with many years service. One of the most well known lounge chairs is the Earnes lounge chair and these can be found online. When considering lounge chairs for around the pool then give some thought to hard wearing teak. Teak lounge chairs are extremely hard wearing and will last for many years as long as they have been pre-treated. You can buy untreated teak lounge chairs and then stain them and treat them with your choice. There are many colors for wood stain available and so you can match it to the color of your cushions or other garden furniture.

If you want to move your lounge chairs around the garden or patio then go for the lightweight materials. There are many excellent plastic lounge chairs available in different styles. These all come with padded seats and some will also have padding on the back. Folding lounge chairs are also very popular when it comes to using them for patio and garden furniture. These are excellent when it comes to storing away and can be taken out when those unexpected guests turn up uninvited.

Chaise lounge chairs are an excellent choice for outdoor use, many can be found in plastic which means they are easily moved around and they are easily cleaned by just a wipe down with a damp cloth. Cushions and back covers can be replaced easily as they are usually just tied on and this is excellent when the need cleaning. How much you are willing to pay for chaise lounge chairs will depend on how thick the padded cushions will be. However you can always buy cushions and padding separate for your lounge chairs or even make your own.

Sometimes you are able to get lounge chairs cheaper if you buy them as a patio set. This means you get patio lounge chairs and a table; again these will vary when it comes to how much you would have to payout for the set. Basic plastic sets will be a whole lot cheaper than wooden sets, however wooden lounge chairs and tables will give you more years wear than plastic generally does and are the sturdiest.

Whichever type of lounge chairs you choose to go for you can find them cheaper online. Bargains can be found online and sales items are often offered with huge discounts which are only available when bought over the internet. You do have to check out how much shipping costs would be as often the cost of having the product delivered can almost double the cost of the item you are paying for.

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