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Relaxing With Luxury and History: The Earnes Chair

If you don't just want any lounge chair, you can find a different option through the Earnes chair. This offers you a combination of comfort, style and one of the most well known chairs that are on the market. This particular type of lounge chair is one that offers the best of all worlds in furniture, so that you can appreciate a new level of enjoyment with your furniture. The beginning innovations of this chair is one that has allowed for a new definition of the lounge chair, both historically and in relation to finding a luxurious type of comfort.

The Earnes chair was first designed in 1956 through the Herman Miller furniture company. The design that was used was new for the time, and is still considered historically relevant because of the innovations that were used. This started with an ottoman with wheels for your feet. This was combined with an office type chair, which also had wheels, but also placed arm rests and a head rest that was movable, which gave the ability for those using the chair to slightly recline.

The Earnes chair, with its first developments, was placed together with materials that included plywood for supporting the chair with supports that were topped off with a leather material. The innovation of the Earnes chair was not only in the materials and the design, but also with the ability to use the shock mounts, which allowed for movement, flexibility and a backrest to the chair. While this was used in other lounge chairs as well, it was the Earnes chair that brought it into popularity.

Because of the history of the Earnes chair, you can find it with a variety of designs, as well as different materials and prices. In the beginning, the Earnes chair was built specifically for those who were willing to spend higher prices for the exchange of comfort that could be available for their furniture. However, as the design progressed and built into a set of manufacturing processes, the Earnes chair was able to offer a wider variety of prices, materials and designs.

Some of the high end designs to look for with the Earnes chair include things such as Brazilian Rosewood which was used instead of plywood. Leather seating instead of regular type of cushioning was another popular part of the Earnes chair that allowed it to build in popularity and in price. This went even higher when the Earnes chair began to be used on popular television shows as a representation of what doctors, lawyers and the wealthy would use in their offices.

The Earnes chair is one that, through it's beginning has allowed for the lounge chair to combine with luxury. Through the capabilities of this chair, as well as the materials that are used and the innovation used with design, it has become a popular option for relaxation. This is seen not only in the way of furnishings, but also from an historical stand point.

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